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Diversifying All-Rounder

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Nothing can upset you.


Just a little theoretical background:

Autonomy Orientation and Identity
Developing and maintaining a clear identity of who you are is a central struggle for every founder. The degree of achievement will define your level autonomy, influence which roles you choose and shape your relationship with others.

Control Orientation and Intention
Founders are geared to create impact, but vary on the extent they are guided by an inner calling. The orientation to control indicates how, as a founder, you hold yourself personally responsible to define strategies and drive implementation.

People Orientation and Inclusion
Founders with a distinct people orientation will recognise that attaining desired outcomes is also a question of collaboration and inclusion. A high orientation will emphasise being part of a community and rely on others to cope with demands or changes.

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You perform with confidence and don’t let anything slow you down. You motivate your team because you accept input from every employee and invite everyone to participate in decisions. You focus your energy on the tasks at hand and are always mindful of change.

Side effects

You can’t have your wits about you in every subject. It pays to pass on some tasks. If you have too many tasks at once, you run the risk of losing track of them.


With perspective, risks can be better assessed. You run less risk of being persuaded, because you already have a say yourself. This makes you flexible and you can quickly adapt to new situations.

Whether you think you can or you can't; you'll be right either way.

Henry Ford

Famous Diversifying All-Rounder

Yoko Ono

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Thomas Edison

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